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December 11, 2008


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Alexandre Dumas

Flashcards 5
Concentration 4
Crossword 3
Lesson Quiz 4
La Vie Famille 2
Vocabulaire 3
Union Libre 4
Sondage 4

J'aime les cartes de mémoire flash le plus. Mais je n'aime pas "La Vie Familiale" parce qu'il n'est pas functionne.

Kirsten Mitchell

Bravo: 5
La Vie Familiale: 2
Vocabulaire: 3
Union Libre: 2
Sondage: 3

Elise Evenou

Bravo: 4
La Vie Familiale:1
Union Libre:2
I really enjoyed Bravo, but La Vie Familiale because is was long.

Lindsey Cary

This was a fun activity. I had not realized that I knew this much vocab. I'm not too fond on the fill-in-the-blank excercises but they are pretty helpful...

Elyza Garcia

Aurelie Berry

Crossword Puzzle:3
Tutorial Quiz:5
La Vie Familiale:3
Union Libre:4

The flashcard and vocabulaire exercises were the best because i like to learn words i don't know and these exercises are simple and work well. La Vie Familiale was the worst because there were way too many questions and i just guessed alot.

lindsey Cary

(continued from prev. post...)

Bravo: 5
La Vie Familiale: 3
Vocabulaire: 4
Union Libre: 2
Sondage: 2

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