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 January/February Mary Glasgow magazines


Developing literacy skills in a second language can be a challenging. It can be difficult to find high interest but comprehensible viewing, reading, and listening resources for novice level learners.  The Mary Glasgow Plus site has been a real life-safer!

I have been a fan of Mary Glasgow magazines for years (I still have and use magazines from the mid nineties!) and I have had an online subscription for a year. The materials from the online site are fantastic!

I teach levels 1-4 of French and it is often difficult to find high interest audio for my novice learners. On the Mary Glasgow site, not only am I able to search thematically for audio and video, but I also have access to the transcripts which allows me to create additional activities.

Another fantastic feature is that the news articles are differentiated so that I can use the same them across all of my classes. This is such a time saver! I can easily search and find resources for sports, the media, shopping, cuisine, and a host of other topics. You can check out an example of one of the article from one of my Pinterest pins

The videos are modern and well done and my students enjoy them and are not frustrated because the language level is overly difficult. The transcripts are very useful to support the viewing activities as well as creating assessments for the viewing activities. The reading articles are also interesting and well done, and I am able to provide comprehensible input easily for every level of French. I also love that I can save my materials into my online dossier for easy access. The site is extremely user friendly!

I find the cost of the subscription very reasonable, and I have gotten so much use from my online subscription. I would encourage all language teachers to take advantage of this very useful resource. If you are looking for thematically arranged audio, video, and reading materials for all levels, look no further. The Mary Glasgow site has everything you need!

If you use the Mary Glasgow site or the magazines, how do you incorporate them in your classes?


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