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Resources: Keeping them real and keeping them together

Un grand merci to José Picardo, an amazing educator  and Head of Modern Languages, from Nottingham High School, Nottingham, UK. José, who is a member of my Twitter Professional Learning Network (PLN), asked me if I would write a guest post for his extremely helpful Box of Tricks. Box of Tricks is a website aimed at providing educators with important information about technology and language learning.

In Resources: Keeping them real and keeping them together,  I explain how I use authentic resources and how I attempt to organize my resources. For me, using authentic resources provides a credibility for the usefulness of French and as well as improving my own language proficiency. I also think it is important to give my students tools to be not only successful in my class but in other courses and in life in general.

In my outline of this post I had also included student autonomy and assessment, but I realized that each of those topics could easily generate a blog post or two on their own. I will follow up on these at a later date. 

Using authentic resources and keeping them together is an ongoing endeavor.

How to you use authentic resources in the language classroom and how do you organize your resources?


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