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December 01, 2009


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Le Changement climatique

today the first 7 activities went well along with part A of the PDF. reasearching was hard because it's all in French and very hard to understand

I am going to research environmental issues about water.

♦The activities on the Soyons Raisonables website were simple.
♦The qiuz on Switzerland was interesting.

☼I think it would have been easier if there were specific websites for certian topics.

I plan on researching pollution. I think the first part of the activity went well and deciding what I was going to research was easy. Reading the actual articles was very difficult though.
-Ashley D.

I plamn to research endangered species. I think that the subject went well as well as the choie betwee the environmental. problems

I think that the pdf was annoying to manage.

I am going to research the problems that pertain to water.

The vocab acitivites were very simple, and the Sweden quiz was pretty neat.

I would've liked specific sites for differnt issues. ]:

the activities were easy. I enjoyed the subjunctive fill-in in particular. The searching for sites is a little harder.

Also, I'm researching les animaux.

I liked the assignment this subject about conservation in quite intreging. I love ebign in the computer lab because I think I learn more in here. It would be better if we had more interactive activites.

I'm going to reasearch water in the environment for my project. Today, the first 7 activities went well and helped me to review the subjunctive form. Researching was hard, because its hard to understand parts of the passage without reading the whole thing, so I needed more time. The other thing I would have done differently is use different sites.

La Terre; I was able to understand most of the content on the websites and the 7 activites were pretty easy. I would have used word reference to help me understand some of the words that were unfimiliar to me on the websites.

umm i did not get very far with researching on other sites ,its a little hard to understand some of the words. i agree with morgan it would be a little easier to have specific websites for certain topics.

I'm going to try to learn to do better with this because im not really very good with computers but i have an okay understanding of whats going on and im going to reasearch more about this along with recycling.

i am going to research Global Warming
♥The first activity activityy was ok..pretty easy...sort of
♥I learned some stuff about Switzerland that i didnt know before
♥i would have looked at more websites

I plan to research about how our enviroment is affecting water. Today, I liked the different websites that were provided, and the first activity helped to refresh my mind about subjunctives. I would have given this assingment more time because it was diffficult to read the french websites

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