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December 11, 2008


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I learned about basic shapes and colors in art and different types of art. I learned that une étoile is a star. I learned that une nature morte is a still life painting. I also learned about the different layers of paintings.

I learned the different French names for specific art types.
I learned how to distinguish a work of art by its "layers."
I learned what a star and arrow is called in French.

I learned that there were many different ways to describe art. ^^

I learned some of the colors and how they would be used in a sentence. ^^

I learned that there were many different kinds of art to be appreciated. ^^

-I relearned the parts of the face and body.
-I learned the different type of art styles.
-I learned the type of pictures, different artists painted.

1. I learned about how paintings are structured.
2. I learned that certain colors are used specifically because of their complimentary nature.
3. I learned the different names of different styles of paintings.

I learned about the estamps paintings and how they are inspired by Japanese art.Une nature morte painting depicts inanimate objects including those paintings that just have like apples and fruit.Oh and I realized that an arm is un bras in French.

Today, I learned about the various types of paintings there were, some of the body parts that I didn't already know, and how to say some of the more complicated shapes.

1. I learned about different paintings.
2. I learned that fleche means arrow.
3. I learned about shapes and body parts.

today i learned about the different kinds of names given to different art pieces. i also reviewed what body parts are named, colors, and shapes.

i learned about different types of paintings.
i learned about shapes and colors.
i learned that its hard to determain men from women back in those days.

I learned that a horizontal line divides a painting into two sections.
I learned that a "paysage" is a painting that normally shows something from the countryside.
I learned that an "etoile" is a star.

i learned about the different types of art.
i learned how to describe portraits.
and i learned about the colors.

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